About Us

Gummy Grip consists of Japanese car enthusiasts.  We have been in the industry for many years, and had a passion for Japanese imports before the Fast and the Furious days. We joined forces to offer Vegas the best deals on aftermarket performance parts and installation.

Harvey – Your Honda Guru. Has owned over 15 Hondas. Knows almost everything about Hondas. Currently drives a ‘95 Integra GSR, ‘14 EVO X and a ‘91 GT-R.


Shaun - Honda enthusiast who has worked for dealerships for over 15 years. Very good at fixing cars. Currently drives a EG Civic and a DC Integra.


Matt- Parts specialists. Has sold aftermarket performance parts for over 15 years. Will get you the best deals on most major brands available. A Mazda enthusiast. Currently driving a ‘99 Supercharged Miata and an 06 STI


Ryan - Our shop apprentice. Just graduated from automotive school and BMW/Ford specialty school.


Romy – Certified mechanic. Can do almost everything.  Engine swaps, Nitrous, Air bag installs-- to name a few difficult installs he has done. Currently drives an ‘06 EVO IX.


Eladio - Chassis tuning expert. Best in Vegas for race alignments and corner balancing.


There is no shop in Vegas who has more experience than us. If you have a Japanese vehicle and you are in need of performance parts or are looking to get some work done, come check us out! You will be happy you did!